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miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

This town rocks!

On the second term, we've worked on a task called "This town rocks!". It consisted of preparing a project of opening an HRC. We elaborated a dossier with the information needed: characteristics of the chosen city, reasons to justify the election, a budget, a menu, some documents and an acts and concerts' planning. Before holidays, we showed our work to a Board of Directors here, in the high school.

One of the documents was a letter asking for Memorabilia to famous musics and bands. We sent ours to Efecto Pasillo, A New Tomorrow,... and we finally got a T-shirt of Dark Night, a Spanish rock band.
This term, we have continued with the project: we have finished it, we have improved our dossier and made a presentation because on April 19th, we presented the task to a larger Board of Directors in HRC Marbella! We spent the morning there and we really had fun. The HRC is so cool and we had a little snack there: nachos! We had the opportunity to visit Puerto Banús and the Cañada, a mall.

PD: Here's our presentation!

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